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New Age Flag Football

Rookie Division Rules

Typically 3rd and 4th Grade

One Coach Allowed on Field on Offense & Defense

Offensive Rules

- Four (4) Second Pass Clock.
- One (1) run per offensive possession (outside of the no run zone).
- If the quarterback who takes the direct snap hands the ball or backwards lateral to another player behind the line of scrimmage it will kill the Pass Clock. At this time the defense is able to rush.
- All forward throws must cross the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Rules

- Defense may not rush the quarterback who takes the direct snap unless the quarterback hands the ball off to another offensive player or fakes a hand off to a player which may allow the defense to cross the line of scrimmage. 
- The defense may rush an offensive player if he/she receives a hand off or backwards lateral behind the line of scrimmage. At this time the Pass Clock is killed but does allow the defense to rush. 


New Age Flag Football
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